When you're ready to get a shout-out from your favorite celeb, here's how the payment will work:


When you send a request, we'll put a hold on your payment method for the total amount. Once the request is completed, we'll charge your card. If the request is declined or expires, we'll release the hold and you won't be charged.

If you have a promo code, you can use it right on the Cameo website! When you're entering your payment method, you should see the promo code box at checkout :)

Just a heads up: You cannot use a promo code if you have Cameo credits, and promo codes cannot be used in the app.

App (In-App Purchasing):

When you request a Cameo through the Cameo app, the payment method associated with your iOS App store or Google Play will be charged in full. If the request is cancelled, declined or expires, you will receive Cameo credits back to your Cameo account in the amount of the initial request. For example, if the total price for the Cameo is $149.99 but the request expires or is declined, you'll receive $149.99 in credits back to your Cameo account so you can rebook your Cameo or request another celeb :)