If you've purchased a Cameo to give someone else as a gift, you'll have the option to add gift wrapping to your Cameo once the celebrity fulfills the request.

Once your Cameo has been fulfilled, you will receive an email/text letting you know your Cameo is ready. Just tap on that link and you'll be prompted to "Personalize Cameo."

If you press "Personalize Cameo," you will be shown the different gift wrapping options and can continue to send a personalized note along with the wrapping experience

Please note that the occasion-specific wrapper for the occasion selected in the order will be shown first (ex: if you booked a "Pep Talk," you will see the "Pep Talk wrapping first).

You can write the Recipient's name and send a short message that will play before the Recipient's Cameo. Then, put in the Recipient's phone number or email and send the Cameo with the gift wrapping animation.

Once the Cameo is sent to the Recipient, you will receive a confirmation screen and have the ability to rate and review the Cameo.